Junior and Senior Infants


The Birthday Chair.

This is our new Birthday Chair. If it is your special day we sing Happy Birthday in English and Irish and the chair is yours for the day. read more

1st and 2nd Class

Water Safety

Everybody had a wonderful time at swimming in K-Leisure. We finished our sessions with a water safety lesson which will be very helpful over our summer holidays!   read more

3rd and 4th Class


Autumn is here !

Using observation, sketching and colour mixing and blending techniques 3rd and 4th Class have been creating Autumn leaves and tree pictures. read more

5th and 6th Class


Understanding Sound-Musical Instruments

We explored the subject of music and sound  by making our own musical instruments and with a range of interesting experiments. We learned that sound is a vibration, or wave, that travels through matter (solid, liquid, or gas) and can … read more